Today I completed 15 consecutive weighted pushups. However after the first set I was absolutely toast and could only complete about 6 after that. My plyo pushups also suffered. For endurance, I used a 20kg kettle bell for an overhead carry but could not make it one trip without putting it down. Next round I used the 16 which felt too light.  Maybe next time I will try a 40lb dumbbell (which would be about 18kg). I also completed one full extension pull-up in the morning and then 1 full ext and 2 half extensions in the afternoon.

band walks (side to side, forward and back).
Foot and shoulder elevated single leg hip thrusts 8x/side.
Ab rollouts (bar+20lbs). 6x
Cable bar walkouts 25lbs 6 steps forward and back 2x.

Circuit 2x