Today’s workout:
I got a good two hour session in today whic was awesome. I met with a physical therapist yesterday because my hip flexor has been bothering me. He told me I need to continue foam rolling, and hold my hip flexor stretches for about 45s instead of just 20. So I spent about 15 minutes foam rolling and stretching.

Kb warm up:
10 windmills/side 12kg
5 snatches/side 12 kg
20 swings 16kg
10 windmills
15 swings 20kg
2 overhead presses /side 16kg

Band walks
Shoulder elevated hip bridges with 45lb bar 12x
Deadlifts with trap bar 100 lbs 8x
Glute/ham raises 4x


My shoulders have been feeling unstable lately so I looked up Eric cressey’s shoulder savers. I did some face pulls and pushups on the stability ball for shoulder health/ stability. My physical therapist told me I should do some mor cardio to get blood flow in my hip flexor, so I then completed 20 minutes on the elliptical with 1 minute work 2 minute rest intervals. It actually felt good to sweat that hard since I haven’t been doing much cardio lately.
I stretched one more time. And that was my workout for the day!