Happy Monday!

Let’s just get this one out of the way: We’re not going to talk about the Patriots. The end.

Anywho… We had an another amazing fall weekend weather wise and I hope you all got out to enjoy it. Alas, Monday has come again so here’s your WUOTW!


A) Foam roll Adductors – self myofascial release

Play the roller at a 45 degree angle in front of you and open up one leg to get your inner thigh on the roller. Roll extra slow in this area as it’s easy to go to quickly and miss some tension spots. Since it’s such a big area to cover, I suggest going from groin to mid thigh, then move the roller and go mid thigh to knee. Most people will feel more tension either closer to the thigh or closer to the knee. Make sure you find where you feel the pain and spend some time on it.

B) Single leg Glute bridges- hip mobility, glute activator, hip stabilizer

The SL glute bridge is harder than it looks and can be butchered if not done carefully. The idea here is to keep your hips square as you come up and don’t let your non working leg sag. This requires incredible strength and stability, so if you’re not there yet… go back to double leg bridges. This sometimes causes hamstring cramps, and that is not a good thing. Go back to double leg and make sure you’re feeling it in your glutes and not your hamstrings.

C) Bent to straight leg heel taps- core activator, anterior pelvic tilt corrective

Bring the straight leg closer to the ground

Keeping the upper half stable and making your lower body the levers will activator your lower core.  Keep your low back pushed into the floor to keep your abs on and protect your back.

D) Body weight walking lunges- movement prep, single leg stability, proprioception/coordination, lower body activation

Keep your torso as tall as possibly and drive through your front heel to stand yourself up. Make sure you take big enough steps so your knee doesn’t track over your front toe.