Hey folks!

I hope everyone enjoyed the fantastic fall weekend we had. I had my yearly weekend of simultaneous awesomeness/depression enducing activities a.k.a. UMass Homecoming. It was awesome to see a bunch of old friends and spend the day outside, but it makes me miss college immensely.

Ahh.. The Glory Days

But it’s back to the real world (hey… at least I have a kick-ass job now). Last week I hit a 200lb x2 deadlift and it felt awesome. Knock on wood… My back has been feeling great and I’m looking forward to killing it this week for training. This week’s warmup is deadlift inspired. Enjoy!

1. Foam Roll hamstrings, glutes, and lats- Lengthen before you strengthen!

Foam rolling your entire posterior line will set you up for success before you deadlift. You can release any soft tissure restrictions and get your muscles prepped for work.

2. Scapular Pushups – Shoulder girdle warmup, rotator cuff strength, should stabilizer warmup

It’s kind of tough to see in the picture, but you want to get into a good pushup position and focus on isolating your shoulder blades. Pinch them together and push them apart keeping your torso tight and your arms locked. You can even take this elevated or on all 4’s if it’s challenging for you. Having strong shoulder stabilizers is more important than you may think for deadlifting.

3. Cable Pull Throughs- Glute and hamstring activators

Set your cable weight decently heavy, and grab the cable rope between your knees as shown. Sit back as if you were deadlift until you feel the stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. Forcefully stand up straight and lock out into full extension with your hips and knees. Make sure you’re squeezing your glutes to get there.

4. Box jumps- Dynamic movement, plyometric warmup

If you have knee issues, be extra cautious with box jumps, or exclude them completely. However, they can actually help with knee health. If you do them correctly, you learn how to absorb force efficiently, which is very important. Before your jump, sit back to load the hammy’s and squat into your landing. As a cue I give alot in my classes, box jumps should be quiet- no one should hear you land.

Now get deadlifting!!