First and foremost, happy new year! I hope everyone celebrated the holidays safely and rung in the new year with friends and family.

I had a fantastic week off of work. Christmas was relaxing, and I caught up on family time, laundry, shopping, cleaning and miscellaneous get-my-ish-together errands. Here’s a shot of my two brothers and I on Christmas Eve… we joked that our gifts were very symbolic 🙂

Photo: So symbolic

My Family Knows Me Too Well

Needless to say- I am not above the holiday eating shenanigans and I’m looking forward to being on a normal eating plan again. I actually had a lot of free time the past week so I got some great training sessions in. Although it seemed like every time I went I ended up giving deadlifting lessons… but I don’t mind that 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to share my new years resolutions with you guys, and maybe give you some ideas. For some reason, I keep seeing things like “don’t make resolutions make GOALS.” I don’t understand what the big deal is with the word resolution. By definition it means “a firm decision to do or not do something.” In other words, to make a commitment. Goals are great, but without commitment they’re useless. So I stand by my statements of ‘New Years Resolutions’. Boo-yeah!

Health/Fitness Goals

1) Remember to take my fish oil every day. 

The benefits of fish oil are too long to list, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you know what they are. I’m not big on supplements but I think fish oil is one everyone can benefit from.  I keep a gigantic bottle right next to my computer and somehow manage to forget to take it sometimes. So my commitment is to remember to take it every day!

2) Drink a big glass of water WITH every meal. 

“Vodka water hold the Vodka”

I’m usually pretty good with drinking enough water, so hydration is not really my intention with this resolution. A lot of nutrition advice tells you to stop eating when you’re mostly full… My issue is I rarely feel full. If I listened to that advice I’d grossly overeat at every meal. So I’m hoping by slowing down and filling up with some H2O I will feel more satiated at meal time. However if you feel like you don’t drink enough water to begin with, this is a good solid goal to start with… it’s concrete and certainly doable. The idea is to make this a habit so you won’t even have to think twice about it.

3. Eat 2 bites less of every meal/snack

This is easier said than done people! I’ve practice this before and it really does work for shedding a few pounds over time. If you’re like me, you were raised to finish your plate (before you could have dessert that is). This is an easy version of portion control; again it’s concrete and doable. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit.

4. Deadlift 225lbs!

You didn’t think I could get through this whole category with out some sort of show-off goal did you!?!


Work Goals:

1. Start giving presentations

Luckily I’ll have an opportunity to do this thanks to a good friend of mine in the UMass Lowell department of Physical Therapy. I get to pick any topic I want to present to doctorate students, PTs, OTs, and MD’s! Prrreeetty excited about that. The hard part will be picking a topic!

2. Find a PT to volunteer for

The field of physical fitness is constantly changing. Which is awesome because that’s what makes it challenging and fun. I’m a firm believer of continuing education, and I’d like to get another mode of learning besides books, blogs and personal trial and error. That’s why I’d like to find a physical therapist to volunteer for. Of course, the ultimate goal is to gain more tools to better serve my clients 😉


1. Try something awesome that I’ve never done before

Sky diving? Swim with dolphins? Volunteer in Africa? The gallon challenge?? Decisions, decisions…..

2. Do something completely by myself and appreciate it. 

I’m the type of person that likes to be surrounded with people. The more the merrier in any situation. When I’m by myself I get pretty bad FOMO (fear of missing out), and I can never just relax and appreciate my solitude. I haven’t quite decided what this will be yet; but I’m thinking a long hike, a road trip, or maybe I’ll just try some meditation.

3. Get back in the habit of reading on the train

For the first year or so of my commute to Boston, I flew through books on the train. It was great; it makes the time fly and I can learn a thing or two. Then for some reason I got into the sleep/listen to music habit which is not as helpful in life. So I’m aiming for 1 work related and 1 non-work related book per month. Aggressive but doable.


Channing Tatum says “You can do it, Laura”

Welp, that’s all I got! I hope you’ve got some good goals to reach for in 2013. Just remember… you can’t go down the same road expecting different scenery. Whether you’re striving for a better physique, better job, more happiness… choices must change in order to improve!


Good talk see ya out there-