I’m not sure what it’s like in real life work places… but the gym on a Friday always has a little different energy. The thought of the weekend right around the corner creates a giddiness with people’s workout attitude. It’s like the last 5 seconds of your 60 seconds of burpees… you kick it up a notch and just bust that $h*t out.

Anyway… Here’s a list of articles that will make you more awesome after reading them. Enjoy!

1) 11 Ways Alcohol is Actually, Legitimately Healthy

2) 4 Things That Will Kill You Way Before Cholesterol

3) “Barefoot” Philosophy and Shoe Review -only so you people stop hasseling me about never wearing shoes in the gym!

4) 8 Favorite Plank Variations– This is a post by a fellow Fitcorp gal, Naomi. Stop being a baby and do some planks!

Have a great weekend folks!