If you’ve been following along for the past couple weeks, you know that I’ve recently experienced debilitating back pain for the first time in my life.  It’s still bothering me and I’m on a quest to find out what’s wrong.  Here’s what I know I do right:

1. I workout consistently

2. I train my core (crunches not included)

3. I train my posterior (dare I say almost exclusively.) This in includes deadlifts, hip thrusts, squats, pullups, rows ect.

4. I practice mobility and stability drills daily.

5. I pay attention to my posture and position when I’m sitting, standing,  and sleeping. I even make sure I carry my bag on my right side on the way to work, and the left side on the way back!

6. My breathing mechanics are optimal. (diaphragmatic breathing as opposed to chest breathing)

7. I drink lots of water, eat well, sleep well, and practice stress management.

What the heck!

These are all the things I educate my clients about on a daily basis. So what’s wrong with me? I thought: I must have some structural or muscular imbalance that lifting has exacerbated. So, off to Perfect Postures I went. PP is a facility run by Aaron Brooks in Newton, Ma. They do great work with postural assessments and corrective exercise.

Sure enough, I had a pretty significant left hip elevation. So for the past 6-8 weeks I’ve been doing my corrective exercises diligently, staying away from lifting, and maintaining all my health points.

So here we are, 8 weeks out, and my back is still sensitive.

And I can’t deal with not training any more. So today, I checked my ego, and did a very basic rehab-ish training session:

Warm up included corrective exercises and mobility and stability work

1a) Side lying clams 3×10/side

1b) Lateral band walks 3×10/direction

1c) Shoulders elevated BW hip thrusts 3×10

2a) Hands elevated push ups 3×8

2b) Plank 3x30s

2c) Side plank 3x10s/side

2d) Pallof Press 3×8/side (with 15lbs)

Yes, I know. It looks similar to 85 year old’s program. But what can I say? Sometimes you have to break yourself down to build yourself up.

Work it G-pa

So what’s my next plan of action?

After talking to my colleague and coworker Steve Bergeron, we’ve decided that it probably isn’t a postural issue, a movement pattern issue, a mobility issue or stability issue and that I should probably see a doctor. Although I’m not a huge fan of doctors, I think that has to be my next step to make sure my spine is okay. I’m also going to continue with my correctives and my mild strength training routine.

Well- I’m off to do some research. If you guys have any suggestions on a good ortho/back specialist/chiro please let me know!

Thanks for reading,