Yesterday marked the start of beer drinking football season for NE Pats fans, and we’re all in good spirits this Monday as they conquered their first W over the Titans.

Hay Tom haaaayyyyy

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the start of football season means the end of summer, and I’ve already seen the gym’s flow increase substantially.  That’s a good thing; I like the increase in energy as people get out of lazy mode and into work mode.

I know the anticipation of your workout is killing you (right?), but don’t forget to spend a few minutes on your warm up. Here goes!

1. Lying figure 4 stretch Hip opener, hip internal rotation mobilization.

Start with both knees bent and feet flat. Keeping one foot on the floor cross the opposite ankle over your knee and relax. If that’s not intense enough , lift your foot off the ground and hold your thigh (as shown). You can go even further by pushing your knee with your elbow. Hold for about 30s/side.

2. Modified Plank-To-Pushup- Core activator, shoulder stabilizer activator, lateral stability



From the (A.) position, start with one arm and move from your elbow to your hand. Push yourself up and do the same on the other arm so you’re now in a high plank (B.). The trick here is to keep your hips as stable as possible while you’re moving your upper body. Remember to switch the arm you lead with each repetition (6-10x).

3. Squat-To-Stand- Hip mobility, ankle mobility (dorsiflexion), t-spine mobility, hamstring + posterior chain stretch



Get into a deep squat position with your chest tall. Spread your knees wide enough to get your arms in between and grab your toes (A.). If you can’t get into this position because of a lack in mobility, try elevating your heels on a board or rolled up towels. Then push your butt up and let your head fall so you’re in a forward bend position (B.). Try to get your legs straight. Repeat 5-10x.

4. Light bent over row- Posterior chain activator (esp lats, mid traps, and rotator cuff muscles

The most important cue (as always) is to keep your spine neutral and your shoulders away from your ears. Use a weight you can do 15 reps with easily.