Does that last position look familiar? You may or may not do it naked, but chances are you sit for most of the day. Here are my top 4 anti-sit stretches that you can do anywhere. Take a break every couple hours to do these stretches and you might just avoid some annoying aches and pains down the road.

1. Hip Flexors


I haven’t been training for 20 years or anything, but I’ve yet to come across anyone with too flexible hip flexors. Get in the half kneeling position (seen above) and keep your torso nice and tall. Squeeze the butt cheek of the leg that’s down and you should feel a stretch at the top of your quad.


Progress by taking 1 arm over head and bending to the opposite side. This will intensify the stretch.

Take hands up overhead to make it advanced

The last step will be to elevated the back foot using a bench, stool, couch or the likes. This will now stretch the hip flexors and quads from both the hip and knee joints.

2. Thoracic Spine

We have 3 main sections of the spine. Our cervical (neck), thoracic (mid back- aka t-spine), and lumbar (low back). We want to have good extension, flexion and rotation in our t-spine; and its where most people  lack.

The key for this stretch is to keep your feet, knees and hips stacked; don’t let the top leg shift when you open to twist. Your arm may not touch the ground at first but that’s okay. Spend some time relaxing and taking deep belly breaths (diaphragmatic breathing). The more you relax, the more your arm will sink. This might be my all time favorite stretch.

3. Chest 

The classic doorway stretch. This gets your shoulder out of that internally rotated position to open up the chest and shoulders. Make this dynamic by isometrically pushing into the wall for 6 seconds, and then relaxing for 20 for 3 rounds. You should be able to go deeper each round.

4. Shoulders

The towel stretch: Gently pull the towel up and down to get a stretch in the reciprocal pattern. Make sure to switch hand positions and go the other directions.


Lucky you! I’m giving you the money maker. If you have all the stretches in the world to choose from, and can only pick 1- this should be it. This stretch is dynamic, so a video will be better suited, but here’s a picture and description for those of you that are lazy enough to not watch the video 🙂

The Spider Man Stretch

Boo yeah!

Just kidding.

Take a larger than normal lunge forward with right foot and put both hands on the ground. Twist your right hand up toward the ceiling. Right hand down, right foot back (now you’re in plank position) – repeat with left side.

Here’s a video

Now get up and stretch!