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Monday- Deadlift day!

1A) Deadlift 4×9 (135lbs)

1B) 1/2 kneeling hip flexor stretch

2A) Barbell single leg deadlift 3×5/leg (85lbs)

2B) Pallof Press 2×10/side (30lbs)

3A) Turkish get up 2×1/side (20kg)

3B) KB windmill 3×5/side (16kg)

Tuesday– trying something new: integrating body weight gymnast style core training

1) Tuck hold 3x15s

2) Low L-sit 2x10s

3A) Hanging knee raises 2×8

3B) Handstands- no known measurement (haha!)

4A) Seated straight leg raises 3×5 (with 5 second isometric hold on last rep)

4B) Shoulder dips from bench 3×8

4C) Pushups 3×8 (last set elevated)

5A) Overhead tricep extensions 3×8 (20lbs)

5B) Cable backhand 3×8/side (10lbs)

5C) Face Pulls 3×8 (30lbs)

6A) Reverse prayers 2×12

6B) Anterior prayers 2×12


1A) Deadlift 3×12 (120lbs)

2A) Reverse Lunges 4×10 (85lbs)

3A) Farmers Carry 2x~100ft (24kg/hand)


Light body weight home workout consisted of 1 minute work 20 seconds rest for 5 rounds:

1) Deadbugs

2) Jumping Jacks

3) Plank

4) Reverse lunges

5) Squat/press


1A) Deadlift 10×3 (155lbs)

1B) Pushups 10×3

1C) 1/2 kneeling hip flexor stretch

2A) Glute bridges 4×6 + eccentric lowers (185lbs)

2B) Single leg Deadlifts 3×5/leg (85lbs)

2C) Bent over rows 3×5/arm (25lbs)