Happy October!

It was a craptastic weekend weather-wise in Boston, but after such a fantastic summer, who can be that mad. I took advantage of it and did some indoor activities like eating, napping, and shopping. I thought I missed the change-of-season-everyone-is-sick-now boat but alas… My nose is running like a faucet and my head feels like it could pop at any moment


Anyway, here’s your warm up of the week! I don’t have pictures for you, but this week’s inspiration is yoga.

1. Child’s pose – (almost) total flexion, joint ROM, lower back stretch, lat stretch. I’m sure there’s other benefits… Yogis? Bueller?

Start in the standard position and then walk your hands over to one side while keeping your hips square. Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Cat/cow- spinal flexibility/mobility, spinal fluid movement, diaphragmatic breathing

It’s very healthy to get the fluid in your spine moving. Combine that with belly breathing… Talk about a strong core!

3. Walking down dog- shoulder mobility, upper back strength, posterior line stretch, calf stretch and ankle mobility

When you’re in this position, try to squeeze your shoulder blades together, lift your butt and drop your heels. Bend one knee at a time to calf stretch.

4. Warrior pose- hip mobility, leg strength, core strength

Make sure when you sink into the lunge position that your stance is wide enough so your knee doesn’t pass your toe. Create a pose that is as linear as possible.

Enjoy the week!